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We love to cook at home, but like many people we sometimes find ourselves making the same meals and although we have a plethora of cookery books, they spend most of the time sat on a shelf. In a bid to have more fun cooking we took up an introductory offer with HelloFresh. Everyone’s heard of HelloFresh thanks to their prominent marketing and promotional stands at train stations across the land. For a period they were good, but after some delivery issues and less than helpful customer support we ended our trial and it was time to say goodbye to HelloFresh.

We did love the concept and so had to look elsewhere. We’d not heard of anyone using Gousto, but we liked their model and gave it a go. 6 months later and we still love the service. Ridiculously tasty meals, some challenging dishes (to make) and a whole variety of flavours.

Gousto has made dinner time fun – for 4 days a week it’s like a home cookery school, trying our hands at new dishes and having a lot of fun with it and enjoying home cooked meals even more than ever. Before Gousto we wouldn’t have made a Piri Piri chicken with Apple slaw and wedges, but it’s now a staple go-to dish. In fact our Top 5 new recipes include: Pulled chicken teriyaki donburi, Pork Bibimbap, easy veg biryani, a ratatouille lasagne, and at quick and tasty lamb burger.

Sure, it’s not the cheapest way to eat at home, but having a 2 year old means we don’t eat out as much as we used to and 4 meals a week from Gousto is less money than one meal out. 4 meals in a box works out at a little over a fiver per serving, which is not bad at all, especially when the meals are exciting, good restaurant standard and you have the satisfaction that you made it. The very same 2 year old has been enjoying Katsu Curry, Chicken Penang and a whole variety of exciting flavours.

We’re now cutting down to only having the boxes fortnightly as a treat in a bid to maybe saving a little cash month to month, but thanks to Gousto we now have the equivalent of 4 cookery books of recipes that we’ve actually made, shared and enjoyed. Eating dinner should be fun, not a necessity and thanks to the DIY meals-on-wheels service we can do so with confidence and excitement. We’re cracking out a new Trello board and organising our own Gousto box meals with online food ordering.

If you’re looking to try Gousto yourself, I can’t recommend it enough and thought it only right to share our promo code so that you too can enjoy an introduction to the service with a delicious 50% off your first 2 boxes. In return we get some money off our boxes too, so it’s a win-win and more importantly, you’ll be giving a treat to yourself with some delicious food. One thing, and it’s a small and probably obvious thing to many, but so-called oven-chips, even the fancy ‘real chips’ that you cook from frozen are a thing of the past in our house – it’s just as easy and not to mention much tastier and healthy to have home-cooked chips from like, actual potatoes from the local farm shop.

Claim your half price boxes via this link: gousto.co.uk or just use the promo code ADAM241012

If you’re tempted or have a question/comment, pop it in below!

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