Closing Badger GP

On Monday, following the Brazilian Grand Prix, I published an article on announcing the closure of the site after the 2018 season, tidily after a decade of running.

You can read the full “Farewell Badger” article here to understand why I took the difficult decision to end such a long running and well-loved site.

The following wave of tweets, comments, emails and so forth is overwhelming. Turns out that there’s even more love out there for Badger GP than we all thought. I’m humbled by the response and can’t thank our readers, fans and supporters enough.

I’ve promised myself to write a series of articles here on my own personal site where I’ll be sharing the realities, experiences and achievements of running the site since 2008. Some of the crazy, some of the awful and downright hilarious tales. I’ll be calling this the Badger Diaries and I can’t wait to get writing.

If you have any questions or things you’d like to know about it from the ‘other side’ then shoot, use the comments below and I’ll include answers in the aforementioned articles.

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Adam Le Feuvre
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Written by Adam Le Feuvre

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Adam Le Feuvre